03 gen 2012

New sewing project - Cashmere black little coat

Hello readers! I finally found some time for me and for my wardrobe: I've started my little black coat :D
I decided to use a cashmere mix fabric and the design is the one you can see in the pics above (from BURDA of September 2010).
The final coat will be a little bit different: the back sash belt will be sewn on the side seams and not on the front like 2 pockets. I will add also 4 big glossy black buttons! ( I love buttons and I don't like invisible closure).
I hope to finish it in a week!
Tell me GOOD LUCK ^___^

5 commenti:

  1. Buon lavoro :D non vedo l'ora di vederlo finito ;)

  2. did you make that pattern yourself? Bravo! Cant wait to see how it turns out :)

    Come visit my blog : www.sweetsurrenderart.com
    See you there!

  3. This will be beautiful! And I like the idea of the buttons...you can change them for different looks, but the black cashmere will be timeless.



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