20 gen 2012

How to make a paper doily

Hello friends! ^__^ Today I would like to show you an easy tutorial: how to make a paper doily. 
You will need: a sheet of paper (a square) and scissors.

 Fold the sheet on the diagonal: make this many times you want (more you fold the paper and more beautiful will be the final doily). Here I folded it 3 times.

For a circle doily, cut the extra paper.

But you can make square or circle doily as well.

Start to cut a little piece on the edge: you can make every shapes you like...let your imagination run wild!

Voilà! You can make them with colored paper or recycled paper. 
I use these paper doilies to decorate gifts, as Christmas tree ornaments, as a real doily to offer your cookies!

I hope you liked this little tutorial!
Alice ^__^

4 commenti:

  1. I love it!! *___*
    Appena ho un attimo lo provo di sicuro!!! :D
    grazie Alice :*

  2. oooh ma checccarino! voglio provare anch'io!!!

  3. Carino! Si possono fare delle belle decorazioni per i pacchetti!

  4. Gorgeous post! Your blog is cool!




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