19 feb 2012

What's my next sewing project?

Hello readers! I'm very busy in these days because I'm currently working at my new collection of wedding dresses for my shop. It's very difficult for me to find some time for me or my little blog, but I don't want to give up! ^__^ So I decided... next Sunday will be the day for my 2012 sewing goals and starting a new project.

Now I have to choose only the design: would you help me?
I discovered these 3 patterns on the web and they are all cute and simple to make. I like very much the second one (I found it on Casey's blog!): a simple top made with only 2 seams! °O° woww!
But also the first one is soooo cute! OMG, it is very hard to choose only one...

What's your favorite design? I love to hear from you! ^__^

Thank you friends :) 

9 commenti:

  1. mi piacciono tantissimo gli ultimi due! mmh, sono indecisa :D

  2. Alice, adoro tutti questi modelli proposti ma... sono rimasta incantata dall'originalità del secondo! :)))

    In bocca al lupo per tutti i tuoi nuovi progetti, non vedo l'ora di vedere qualcosina! :DD

    1. Sì anche a me piace molto il secondo ^___^ e credo proprio che farò quello!
      a breve inizierò a listare le prime creazioni sposa :)

  3. LOVE 4538. What do the pattern pieces look like. I want to make it too!

    1. Actually,I don't have these patterns at home...I have to remake them to myself :) A great challenge,but I usually make my own patterns.... It shouldn't be very hard (I hope so!).

  4. I love that weirdo pillowcase top... Love it.



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