04 ott 2012

I am back...finally!!

Ciaoooo!! I'm back...finally :)
Summer was soooo long and full of events,work (I have a job with my sister in Eraclea Mare, a little beach town near Venice), beach, tanning :) hahahhahaha

How are you all?? I'm so and so, because I have some flu and my poor etsy shop was sooo sad in these days. I have to make new pieces to list! I noticed that etsy research are different now :( uhmmmm,that's a bad new....I have to change all my tags,titles and descriptions for this new one.

And you? what did you do this last summer? :)

yeahhhh!! We're back and finally I can work at my new clothes ^___^


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  1. Welcome back to the Blog-sphere. I do not have many on my blog roll and you are one of them. It was nice to see a new post. Terri at http://meadowtree.blogspot.com/



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